Trevor Jones Private Tour Guide

Private walking tours of Bath and Cotswold villages tailored just for you!

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If you are interested in a tour of Bath, the Cotswolds or the wider areas then please email me and I can then quote a fee. We can then plan the day and make sure we see everything you are interested in. This is a bespoke personal service rather than a commercial enterprise. As such my fees are reasonable and an agreed rate can be quoted. Arrangements can be made to meet you at your hotel, train or bus station.

Please note: fees are strictly for my services as your personal guide. I do not offer driving as a chauffeur, private hire car or taxi service all of which are excluded due to the high cost of complying with legal, licensing and insurance requirements governing use of vehicles for hire and reward in the UK. You need to make your own personal arrangements for travel to and from Bath or the Cotswolds where I will arrange to meet you. You will also need to make your own accommodation arrangements unless you propose to make a day trip from another location such as London. I am genuinely very pleased to freely help you with any tips, information, advice or recommendations (I accept no commissions for such) that may help make your visit extra special.

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

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Phone me: 07976276312